Making your way through the hidden treasures and overlooking the picturesque Ko Samui, adorned with greenery and fluffy sky, is blissful!

Ko Samui captures Thailand’s some of the most beautiful viewpoints, if you are someone who relishes silence, with thoughts wandering in mind and the wind blowing, then Ko Samui has got your heart.

From nightlife to exotic beaches, to shopping to palatable food, this blog explains all you need to do and, must-do in Koh Samui.

We want you to make your Koh Samui tour package, full of excitement and entertainment.

So shall we begin?


Koh Samui beaches are world famous and are well-known for their tranquility and crystal like sand. Let us see, what are the best beaches of Ko Samui:

  • Silver Beach

This is a small beach but offers great recreational activities. It offers spa parlors under the calm shade of trees and activities that include snorkeling, swimming and relishing sunbath.

  • Big Buddha Beach

Situated among the bustling streets and shops, this beach offers lip-smacking delicacies and a happening nightlife. To the north of the beach sits a magnificent Buddha temple, that gives this each its name.

  • Coral Cave

In for some adventures? Head to this beach and enjoy the most amazing time of your life. Packed with enthusiastic sporters, who enjoy snorkeling to the core. Explore an exciting underwater beauty while at Coral Cave.

  • Lamai Beach

Koh Samui’s second largest beach is a perfect spot for people who prefer quiet, pristine atmosphere. It is surrounded by shops, spas and offers cheap accommodation in Koh Samui.


Now when your soul is filled with delighting beaches, its time to stuff your bags. Let us see what are the best shopping spots in Koh Samui:

1. Central festival Samui

This is the largest shopping complex in Samui. If we speak in a nutshell, this complex abodes four sections –

  • Chaweng Port – the Main entrance that features restaurant, bar and outdoor terrace.
  • Bird Cage – Considered the fashion hub of the complex, it contains 20 fashion shops.
  • Fisherman Village – another fashion hub having a collection of fashion stores and accessories along with kid’s playing area.
  • Beach Town Market – Another main entrance to the enormous complex that you could surely visit after having your bags full as here is the food court that serves some of the best and authentic, delicious food.

2. Fisherman’s Village Walking Street

This is a place to stroll by as you take in the traditional shops of Ko Samui and fills your bags along. This is a place when you are looking for a night market and want to watch the city as it comes to life, at night.

3. Elephant Walk Kon Samui

this is yet another night market which exhibits its quirky collection every night. From this market, you can get a lot of items to take back home, some to gift to your loved ones and some to adorn your showcase shelf with. You can purchase clothes, souvenirs, spa products, and an oil-drum themed restaurant.


Now coming to the best part of Ko Samui – The sunset view.
After the entire day spent exploring Ko Samui, this is where you need to be.

Let us have a look at them:

  • Nikki Beach Samui

One of its kind, this beach demands a must visit. Situated on the Lipa Noi beach, you can chill in the water, with a glass of water and admire the gorgeous sunset.

  • The Virgin coast restaurant

Another fine place to spend your evening, admiring the sunset across Ko Samui. This is a cozy place nestled where you get to devour authentic Thai food and admire as the sun dips.

  • Jahn Restaurant

This is a high-end restaurant that is adorned with stylish interior and sits calmly on and presents a spectacular view of five islands that are spread across Samui.

So now you know exactly what to do in your next trip to Ko Samui. Get some ideas and inspiration from this blog and enjoy your trip well.

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