Famous Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In Bali

Indonesia is made up of thousands of island and is a cluster of cultures. Apart from this, Indonesia is famous for its vacation destination and the most popular destination is Bali.  

You should not miss out the delicious dishes on your trip to Bali. The exotic dishes include Balinese satay, babi guling, lawar and ayam betutu.

The rich collection of cakes, desserts and snacks will satisfy your taste buds to the fullest. Let’s explore some of the most delightful dishes in Bali.


Some Of The Mouth-Watering Dishes In Bali Are:-


Satay or sate are basically grilled slices of chicken, goat or pork wrapped around a stick. It is amongst the traditional food found in every city in Indonesia especially in Bali.

Every culture has its own variation or twist and sate lilit is Bali’s own peculiar creation. It is marinated with coconut milk and other spices to give a delightful flavor.

Tourists enjoy sate lilit in sticks as the sliced meat is wrapped, thus the name lilit (wrap). The sauce is according to preference as the sate itself already has a delicious combination of spicy and sweet tastes.


Babi Guling

Famous Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In Bali

Babi guling or Balinese roasted pork is one of the pleasing dishes to try on your trip to Bali. The pork is rolled (guling) over the fire to roast it properly as a whole.

It is often served as a treat during cultural performances or ceremonies. Now you can also enjoy it in the fine dining restaurant.

The fresh pork meat contributes a lot to the main course’s juiciness. The mixture of traditional spices stuffed all over the meat plays an important role in making babi guling an unforgettable dish.



Famous Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In Bali

Betutu was once the kings’ favorite meal and it’s not surprising as the dish is prepared in a sophisticated way. Whole chicken or duck is often chosen as the meal’s main ingredient and is the limelight of the dish.

Then the chicken is stuffed with a mixture of spices that includes shallots, ginger, garlic, chili, peanuts and more.

The meal takes around seven to eight hours to get prepared. Most of the time is spent in baking or steaming the poultry.

The taste doesn’t betray the effort because that long process yields a rich flavor in every bite. It is proved to be one of the best dishes on your trip to Bali.


Famous Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In Bali

Lawar is prepared by mixing chopped meat with several green vegetables and grated coconut. The meat is the combination of either beef, chicken, duck, pork, turtle.

Balinese cuisine has two types of lawar: red and white. The red lawar gets its color from animal blood which is afterward added to the mixture.

White lawar, on the other hand, doesn’t contain blood and often substitutes meat with jackfruit and is a must try dish on your trip to Bali.

Bubur Mengguh

Famous Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In Bali

Bubur Mengguh is a dish which is originated in Buleleng in Bali. This delicious dish is an important meal for Balinese people as it’s one of the mandatory dishes which is served at traditional festivals or ceremonies. You may get across it if you plan a trip to Bali in a festive season.

The dish is topped with a liquid mixture made from spices, shredded chicken, celery and roasted peanuts. It is served with urab, a vegetable salad with coconut dressing and freshly cooked bubur mengguh is perfect for breakfast.

Nasi Jinggo

Famous Dishes Every Foodie Should Try In Bali

Nasi jinggo play an important role in the daily life of the localities. People say you can fit a portion of nasi jinggo in the palm of your hand, and it seems just about right.

It consists of rice, vegetables and a side dish and condiment wrapped together inside a banana leaf. It is an affordable and tasty food alternative for locals and tourists.

Usually, the side dish options are shredded chicken, chopped eggs or noodles. Tourists can find nasi jinggo sold on motorcycles parked on the side on their trip to Bali.

These dishes are the heart and amongst the popular dishes of Bali. If you are planning a trip to Bali then don’t forget to try them and let us know your experience. You can also get the best deal on your trip to Bali with Xplore Dealz.

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